Process Lasso

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您即將下載的軟件是 Process Lasso (64位版) (1.92 MB): 一款有效的系統性能實時優化工具,通過自動、動態調整進程的優先級和 CPU 親和力,保持系統快速響應,有效避免系統假死、停止響應、持續占用 CPU 等不正常情況,從而明顯提升系統性能,提高系統穩定性。

為確保軟件能正常運行,請下載壓縮包后使用最新版 7-ZipWinRAR 解壓后再運行或安裝。如本軟件有了新版本,煩請聯系我們,我們將及時更新。

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Process Lasso (64位版) 更新日志:

  1. All: Add new Processor Group Extension feature to enable group unaware processes to use the entire CPU
  2. Core: Don't keep trying to start a Keep Running process that fails to launch (though do retry on config change/reload)
  3. GUI: Fix Dark Mode listview scrollbars stayed dark when Lasso in light mode but OS in dark mode
  4. GUI: Fix Keep Running issue with paths or command lines that have embedded commas or semicolons
  5. GUI: Fix watchdog up/down buttons could leave ephemeral visual debris in last 2 fields when moved rule is 'launch process' action
  6. GUI: Set current I/O priority to normal after a persistent I/O priority removed by single-select process context menu
  7. GUI: Add configuration dialog for processor group extension
  8. GUI: Add 'clear all' button to SmartTrim exclusions (generic list config dialog)
  9. GUI: Minor to ProBalance Advanced Options config dialog
  10. GUI: Minor change to tooltip helper for config dialogs
  11. GUI: Fix I/O delta column showed bytes instead of kilobytes
  12. GUI: Refresh licensed name on graph after activation by About dialog's via syslink control