DarkBasic Professional綠色版:3D游戲制作

DarkBasic Professional綠色版:3D游戲制作

The GameCreators軟件公司所開發的DarkBASIC Professional允許你自己設計游戲,做展示指南或幻燈片放映,甚至是一些商務應用。


DarkBASIC Professional是一套目前可以獲得的最先進的BASIC語言游戲開發包,沒有其它的開發套件像她那樣輕而易舉地包含了今天在計算機游戲中所使用全部的獨特的圖形性能與效果,也找不到其它的同類的開發包像她一樣可以支持Microsoft DirectX 9的特色。


No matter what type of game you plan to make, by providing rapid development solutions, Dark Basic Professional has the power to handle them all. It does all this and remains the easiest programming language available.

The original Dark Basic was designed in 1999 to facilitate the easy programming of 3D computer games on the PC. The combination of ease and power was an instant hit, and a vibrant and creative community grew up around the language. With the emergence of new technology and techniques, it was clear the evolution of the language should race to meet these new advances. After two years of development, Dark Basic Professional is born.

DarkBASIC Professional

For those of you who have jumped right in, you will want to know where to go first. From the introduction help page, we suggest you go to the main menu and select GETTING STARTED. From there you will be able to gain a insight into the various parts of the software. It should only take around fifteen minutes to familiarise yourself with the editor. After that, we suggest you check out some of the showcase applications in the EXAMPLES section.


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